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On the basis of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (ASP) is company SMAK printtisk, Silvester Murgelj s.p. (Hereinafter SMAK printtisk) holder of the material copyrights over the content in the broadest sense (text, photos, drawings, audio - video recordings, computer programs) published on the site Any copying, transcription, multiplication and dissemination of any commercial purposes without written permission is strictly prohibited.

By law (ASP, Articles 48, 49, 51) it is exceptionally permitted to use or reproduce copyrighted work under the public's right to information, educational purposes and for illustration, confrontation and posting the citation form, but this compulsory to indicate the source and authorship of the work. According to Article 50 of the ASP are also permitted to use or reproduce the copyrighted work in limited numbers for private, non-commercial use.

Limitation of liability

Company SMAK printtisk is committed to good faith and within its capabilities ensure the accuracy and currency of the content published on the site.

However, SMAK printtisk does not exclude the possibility of errors in content published on the web site. Therefore, the information is transmitted through this website for informational purposes only and the company cannot take responsibility for their absolute accuracy.

Company SMAK printtisk nor any other legal or natural person who has participated in the development of website, or even participating in updating the site cannot be responsible for damage or loss of profit or pecuniary damage which may arise from the use of the site or the inability to use thereof.

The company will make efforts for the accurate functioning of the site, but cannot be responsible for damage or loss of profit or pecuniary damage that the user might incur due to the disruption site.

Company may at any time change or cancel the website without prior notice.

Limiting the use of information and materials

Information and materials displayed on this site, the user can be ordered from the server for your personal, home use, as it does not amend any copyright designations, other notices of intellectual property rights or notices of other rights. It is permitted to download and print information and materials for viewing and reading for non-commercial purposes. Any copy, distribute, republish, or change of information and materials at or send them by mail or distribute in any other way without prior written permission is prohibited. It is also forbidden to use any element for any other purposes than exclusively for personal, non-commercial use.

Company SMAK printtisk is not responsible for the form and content of websites that are linked in any way to the site While visiting and using connected web sites the responsibility of the company SMAK printtisk excluded for all cases.

No / compliance with the provisions of Legal Notice

The company and authors of the content published on the web site expect users to respect the written provisions and laws in the field of privacy, intellectual property law and copyright law.

Otherwise, the detection of abuse and violations of laws against the perpetrator forced to take action.


For any disputes arising from the use of this website Slovenian legislation will be used.To resolve any disputes the jurisdiction of the appropriate court. By using the website the user confirms, that he accepted the conditions described and agrees with them.

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