Self-adhesive labels SMAK are high-quality labels in A4 sheets, which are being produced under thoughtful supervision of our experts for 15 years. They are made out of certified and tested self-adhesive materials and are customized for printing in different printers, photocopiers and other printing machines. Diverse upper layers enable very clear printouts and good adhesion ensures labelling to different surfaces.

Self-adhesive labels SMAK offer solutions in several areas, especially in information labelling in SOHO, industry, logistics and graphics.



We developed special quality system, where we control input materials, monitor in-between phases and assess final product before it is being shipped to the customer. We are constantly improving our production process, therefore we appreciate feedback from our label users.


Self-adhesive labels SMAK are available in more than 70 dimensions on A4 sheets. Their important advantage is in the customized cut. Custom made cuts mean, that our labels are produced on demand and they are not stored for longer periods of time. Fresh cuts mean higher quality level and is recommended for use in all kinds of printers. They are easier to peel and there is no dust, which would interfere with the printing process.


Self-adhesive labels SMAK protect your hardware by using technology of label-free edges. If you use our labels you prevent the adhesive from spreading on the printing roll and therefore prevent paper-jams and potential defects on printers. 


Self-adhesive labels SMAK are available in several materials.According to your needs you can choose between labels with upper layer from paper or from polyester. Each material has its characteristics and advantages, which you can read about in more detail if you click on type od labels you are interested in on the menu (Labels).

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